Born in Santa Maria da Feira, Marco began his dance career in 2004.

Since then he has worked with: Companhia de Dança do Norte;  Companhia Tok'art in “Made in time” (Jan’2011) and “You never know how things are going to come together” (Feb,2012) choreographed by André Mesquita; In 2012 Marco performed Elisabeth Lambeck solo “EXIT 211-A,  Sylvia Rijmer solo “Anatomization” and Hofesh Shechter piece “Shelters” to Companhia Instável;
Marco has been dancing in Victor Hugo Pontes projects “ Fuga sem fim” to Companhia Instável, “Rendez- vous”(2011) , “A strange land”(2012), “Zoo” (2013), “Fall” (2014) and "Se Alguma Vez precisares da minha vida, vem e toma-o" (2016). In 2014 Tiago Guedes performed “Hoje” and in 2015 danced Paulo Ribeiro solo “Modo de utilização”
As a choreographer, Marco premiered his first solo “Nevoeiro 21” in Palcos Instáveis at Campo Alegre Theatre (2012).
In May 2013 Marco premiered the award piece of maisImaginarius “Réplica...éplica...éplica”, a site-specific solo dance. In June, Marco created “A ilha” with Victor Hugo Pontes provided by 37.25-Núcleo de artes performativas and Walk&talk Azores festival.
“Por minha culpa, minha tão grande culpa” (2013), a co-creation with Mara Andrade, premiered in Palcos Instáveis and in 2014 created “Land(e)scape”, a multi-disciplinary collaboration with a visual artist and sound installation to Imaginarius festival.
“HU(R)MANO” premiered in 2014 and still touring.  In 2015 invited by ESTUFA created “b r u t o” a dance piece for non-professional dancers which is been reperformed to another groups in workshop context.

“brother” is Marco’s last creation and will premiere in March 2017 in Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon.